Electric cabinet

   kitchen  Transformer cabinet.

   kitchen  MDB, MSB, MCC, DB, ATS cabinet.

   kitchen  Capacitor cabinet.

Cable tray & ladder

   kitchen  Cable tray & ladder for factory.

   kitchen  Cable tray & ladder for buildings.

Sheet metal fabrication

   kitchen  Laser cutting

   kitchen  Punching

   kitchen  Bending

   kitchen  Welding

   kitchen  Electrostatic powder coating

CNC machining

   kitchen  Lathing

   kitchen  Milling

   kitchen  Grinding

   kitchen  EDM wire cutting

   kitchen  Heat treatment

   kitchen  Coating

Our Commitment


We are committed to delivering high quality products to customers. Steps in process from selecting materials, CAD/CAM programming, machining to packing are all done with high reliability.

Reasonable cost

ATP pays extra attention to controlling product cost. We do carefully from product design for lowest waste and machining time, production plan, selecting competitive suppliers to optimizing production lines to attain reasonable cost for ATP's products.

Delivery on time

We always try our efforts to deliver on time by close links with suppliers, good production plan, consistently improving production capability, minimizing errors on the production line.


We are willing to share our experience and knownledge with customers. We always want to use valuable experience accumulated over time to serve customers. Share to work together, to grow together and to be successful together.


You have an idea to create a new product, or improve an existing product. Let's work with ATP. We will turn your ambitious designs into reality. Because, ATP always look forward to being with you from the beginning. Your success is ours.


Every ATP product is made with dedication and desire to serve more. Therefore, we always maintains a long-term warranty policy for our products. After 09 years of operation, we are proud of high durability of our products.

ATP is pleased to serve


Address: Lot D-7a-CN My Phuoc 3 IP, Thoi Hoa ward, Ben Cat town, Binh Duong, Viet Nam
Phone: 0274 357 7557
Fax: 0274 357 7556

Representative office

Address: 4D Kha Van Can st., An Binh ward, Di An town, Binh Duong, Viet Nam
Phone: 0283 620 8898/0283 620 8896
Fax: 0283 620 8897


Ms. Tuyết Mai - 0988 957 077
Mr. Quang Huy - 0978 430 105

Approach To Perfection